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L'AND Vineyards resortL'AND Vineyards resort

The hotel

More than a hotel ...

More than a hotel, L'and Vineyards is an exclusive retreat with only 22 suites that integrates modern architecture into nature, providing an understated luxury, natural beauty and tranquility.

Situated in the heart of Alentejo, in a unique landscape with interiors by Márcio Kogan and works of art by Michael Biberstein at L`And Vineyards you can take a gastronomic journey in our restaurant with a Michelin star, renew yourself in the Caudalie spa and sleep under the stars among the vineyards in one of the sky suites.

Life at L'AND Vineyards

At L'and Vineyards we seek to create a space of tranquility where you can revitalize yourself in our Caudalie spa with natural grape products, have a romantic massage for two, relax in the vineyard garden and outdoor pool, fly on a balloon ride, do yoga, try a meditation session, a sauna or a detox program designed for you.

You can meet and travel through Portuguese gastronomy at the sight of Miguel Laffan in our Michelin-star restaurant.

If you want to know more about the Alentejo wine culture, go through our vineyards and take a wine test or a wine tour or a visit to the region's wineries in a program that we can design especially for you.

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